Hello Harbourville

Every time I make my way to the valley, there are two stops that I always make. First, for a Sweet Maria burger and a peanut butter milk shake from Jonny’s Cookhouse in Berwick, which is by far the best burger that I have ever had. (And for someone who doesn’t really enjoy eating meat, that’s saying something!) Sometimes, I even split a poutine with whoever I’m with at the time. I endure long auctions with my family down in Victoria Vale, just to get a taste of this wonderful burger, that’s how I know it’s good and worth it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 11.28.06 AM

The second place I stop is in Harbourville, which is probably one of my favourite places in the whole province to stop and visit. There is just something about this place that makes me love it. Maybe it’s because I’m a city girl and I love the feel of life here, but every time I’m there, I want to have my camera in my hand and I want to soak everything up. You can see New Brunswick from across the ocean, the breeze is beautiful, and it’s filled with such natural beauty.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.52.04 PM.png

Honestly, I feel like it’s easy to fall in love with this little town. There’s not a whole lot there, I’m sure for those who live there, there isn’t much to do, but it has so much beauty. Rocky beaches and fishing boats. Little cottages and cliffs that look over the ocean. There is just something about Harbourville that draws me in every time. Here are some photos from my multiple trips to this cute little fishing village.

Every time I’m down, I search for this boat. I try to take a photo of it every time I’m there, and the first time, I had no idea it held such significance to a friend of mine. It’s the boat that his father owned before he passed, so I always try to document it while I’m there.

Right on the beach. There she is again, the second from the right, Let It Ride.

The view is so wonderful.

Tide’s out, boat’s in.

Tide’s out, boat’s in.

Cliffs down on another beach.

IMG_3150 copy
Cliffs down on another beach.

IMG_3208 copy
The cliff’s are magnificent.


IMG_3195 copy
The view from the look off.

IMG_3200 copy
The view from the look off.

IMG_3214 copy
Snack Shack.

IMG_3217 copy
Snack Shack.


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