Busyness and Happiness

The last three weeks I have been incredibly busy. I feel like I’ve been full out, and in the last three weeks I’ve only had actually 2 days off where I wasn’t doing something else. October 10-14 I worked everyday, then I had driving school all day on the weekend. Then the next week I worked October 17,18,20,21, with Wednesday being a day free. Then I had Saturday off to myself and on Sunday I went back for my last day of classes in driving school, then a photo shoot for a high school friend. This past week I worked October 24 and 25th, and then on the Wednesday I did another shoot for a friend who was receiving her Canadian citizenship. Then I work today and tomorrow, then I have three glorious days to myself and I cannot wait because I am going to the cottage and I am going to just relax and rest up.

Despite being as hectic as I feel like I have been these last few weeks, I’m so incredibly happy. I mean, I had a four day stretch where I was incredibly anxious and panicky, but that really had nothing to do with how busy I was and more to do with something personal that popped up. But I’m happy. I love being busy,  I love the feeling of accomplishing so much in a short amount of time and being able to do things that I enjoy. Even if I was working that morning, I pushed myself to bring my camera and go shooting in the morning before my shifts and I’ve come out with some really cool shots that I’m happy with.

The only thing that makes this busyness hard to take is that this blog has been taking a bit of a hit by being on the back burner and being this busy consumes a lot of energy. I end up fighting to stay awake at 8pm. I’m usually an early to bed, early to rise girl, but when I’m fighting to keep my eyes open past a really early time in the evening it kind of sucks. I end up crashing hard and when my alarm goes off in the morning it’s a struggle to pull myself out of bed. I normally like to read before I go to sleep as well, and lately the only times I feel like I have the time to read is over my morning tea before I go out shooting, on the bus to work and then on my breaks after I’ve eaten. Other than that though, I’m happy.

I find throwing myself into a crazy busy schedule helps keep my mind busy as well, and for someone who overthinks like it’s her damn job, it gives me a break from my mind just running every possible scenario to get me worked up. It’s a nice change of pace for when I have too much time on my hands and my mind likes to remind me of all the things I should be anxious or upset about. The busyness also helps me appreciate the time I do have when I have it to myself, like spending all day in bed lurking on the internet, or editing photos that I took for my own personal joy, or reading that book that I’m half way through. It makes the moments, even if it’s in the morning before a shift, feel that much sweeter when I can do these things that add a little something extra to my life.

So, despite being incredibly busy, I’m happy. I have shot some photos that I love (that I will show off below), I’ve brought customer joy to many people that have walked through the doors of my workplace, I’ve made new and interesting friends, I’ve brought joy to friends in capturing their special moments, and I’ve improved my life a little bit by doing things that need to get done. This year had some pretty low lows so far, but it’s also had some really high highs and I’m thankful for both. I’ve felt incredible joy because of it.



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