Hello Twenty-Five

Hello new friend.
Hello new experiences.
Hello new adventures.
Hello new love.

I cannot wait to see what you have in store for me. What magical moments that will set my heart on fire, that will have me skipping down the street in anticipation, that will make me see things like they were brand new. I can’t wait for the new stories to read, the new stories to hear, and most importantly, the new stories to tell. The kind that reaches deep into the soul, and make everything shiny and wonderful.

I’m excited for new life lessons, for renewed optimism and for soul fulfilling adventures. For new friendships, new relationships, new ways to show love. For closing the door on all the failed moments in twenty-four, from ex-boyfriends to ex-somethings to ex-whatevers. For opening the door to new failed moments in twenty-five, for opportunities and personal growth.

Here’s to continuing the practice of self love, to reach out to others, to being kind and compassionate. Here’s to starting over again and loving the feeling of something fresh and new. Here’s to remembering your worth, not settling for less than that, and fighting for the things you deserve. Here’s to not letting the world and it’s negativity move you, to not letting it seep into your very being.

To working on my faith, for being continually thankful, for not letting anger be my first response. To deepening my relationship with God, for being less selfish, for being more like Jesus. To the moments that will bring me joy, to the moments that will bring me sadness, to the moments that make me fall in love. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for me.

Hello twenty-five.


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