Just a little bit of Yarmouth!

Last year, a group of photography students descended upon the small town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and photographed life in the town for a day. I was among those students, and had a blast exploring a new part of my province. I came back with some epic memories and even a story or two, spent with people that I adore. We walked around, took lots of photos, we played some card games, went out late shooting, and woke up early to go shooting, we did so much. Below are some of the photos that I have taken while I was there on the trip. The book of all of the photographs that we took as a class is available for preview and order, where you can see the work of my classmates and colleagues. If you’re interested in taking a look at some of the other images captured on that day, you can see those here. Enjoy the little bit of Yarmouth I was able to capture in just a few short hours.

Main Street.

One of the very friendly people working at Hamilton’s on Main Street.

Every Bloomin’ Thing on Main Street.

Erin McGuire photographing his father, the owner of the Yarmouth Sports Hall of Fame.

Erin McGuire photographing his father, the owner of the Yarmouth Sports Hall of Fame.

The Firefighter Museum

The Firefighter Museum

The Firefighter Museum

Down by the fish plant

A boat coming in from it’s daily catch to the fish plant.

Unloading some of the catch of the day at the fish plant.

Heading back out from the fish plant.

Early morning boats heading out to start their day on the water.

A place to enjoy the sunrise at Cape ForchuIMG_6671
The lighthouse at Cape Forchu at sunrise.

An early morning silhouette of a classmate at Cape Forchu

Sunrise at Cape Forchu

Sunrise at Cape Forchu

Sunrise at Cape Forchu


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