Exploring Macro

So a couple of years ago my father bought a 60mm macro lens for him to use, but of course, me being the photographer in the family, I swiped it up so quickly that I don’t think he’s ever actually gotten the chance to use it. I’ve really taken to exploring my little chunk of the world through this lens, enjoying that photographer ‘stoke’ that you get when you nail a shot. The more I practice it, the better I’m getting, and the more I love it and get excited to pick up my camera. And for a girl who has barely touched her camera in the last year after school, she’s been doing more of it.

I know that I have so much more to learn when it comes to shooting with macro, but I’m making little discoveries on my own, and when I’m not sure what to do, I have a wealth of knowledge at my disposal. It’s just so nice feeling the motivation to pick up my camera again, and doing it on my own terms. Part of the reason I started doing photography was because I genuinely loved capturing moments, and the world around me. When I started school for it, it felt like non-stop shooting and being creatively drained for everyone but myself. Assignment after assignment, job after job, and what felt like no time for me to explore the parts that I wanted. People would ask me after school, “What are you shooting right now?” and I would say, “I haven’t touched my camera in months.” and they’d be shocked because it was usually an extension of my hand. I would get asked to do jobs and I would say no, because I absolutely dreaded the idea of having to do one more thing for someone else when I was too drained to do anything for even myself.

I feel like I’m starting to recharge though, I’m doing some shooting for me. I’m trying not to be too worried if it’s good or not, and I’m still saying no to a lot of jobs because I really, really need to get back a bit of that balance for me. Re-discover why I loved photography so much in the first place. Maybe with a bit of time of shooting for me again, I can start to integrate doing more jobs and re-start the goals that I had for myself before and during my college years. So, without further ado, here are some of the macro shots that I have been shooting!

IMG_3978IMG_3971IMG_8120IMG_8115IMG_7938IMG_7939IMG_7947IMG_8000IMG_9010IMG_8991IMG_8987 cropIMG_8807IMG_8894IMG_8870 webIMG_8591IMG_8580IMG_8568IMG_8554IMG_8574IMG_8604IMG_8532IMG_8694IMG_8683IMG_8682IMG_8680IMG_8542 2IMG_8775IMG_8784


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